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SOLES IN PERIL #1 Cover :iconmtjpub:MTJpub 308 19
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Misato Katsuragi tickle tortured
Another commission down for :iconnex-exe: featuring the lovely Misato of NGE being tickle tortured by that ominous organization. I wonder what she knows?? More to come. Keep watching. 

Also for those that missed it, please check out my comic available to order at MTJ! More info can be found here:

Mature Content

SOLES IN PERIL #1 Cover by MTJpub
For those that didn't catch it on MTJ's page. Something I've been working on for a long time has finally arrived for purchase. It was a fun story and I hope you all will check it out! And with that, here is the copy pasta!

Written and Created by Colin
Art by Bad-Pierrot A.K.A. Umojar!
Edited by ChicagoAnnie


Mature Content

SOLES IN PERIL #1 Preview by MTJpub

Mature Content

SOLES IN PERIL #1 Preview 2 by MTJpub

Angel in Training Samael and Junior Demoness Yabh'Nugh Suthoth (Yabby for short) are a real couple of misfits. Sammi prefers earthly rock and roll to the music of the heavenly choirs, and sweet-natured Yabby really doesn’t fit in with the other girls down in, you know...the Bad Place. So both have been sentenced to the ultimate punishment: an eternity of tickle-torture! Their one hope for leniency is to go down to Earth in human form and win over Jennifer Smythe, a girl descended from a famous sorceress. If Sammi can convince Jenn to walk a path of Heavenly virtue, her bare feet will escape the agony of eternal feathering; but if Yabby can get Jenn in touch with her inner demoness, she'll be the winner.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, Jenn is a bit of a slacker; she much prefers scarfing down Yabby’s home-baked treats and prodding her new roomies into lengthy tickle-fights to this business of committing to a life of good or evil. Plus, a couple of Fallen Angels also have their eye on Jenn, and they know exactly how persuasive tickle-torture can be!

It's cute girls, bare feet and tickling all the way in the latest collaboration between the always angelic (ahem) Colin and the devilishly talented Bad Pierrot (umojar)! If you loved The Last One Laughing or the Tickle Battle series, this is a comic you have to have! It would be a (wait for it) SIN to miss it!

Item Features 

• 13 Full Color Pages + Cover!
• 55+ Sinfully Ticklish Comic Panels!
• Heavenly Barefoot Tickling!
• Devilish Upper-Body Tickling!
• Written By Colin!
• Art by Bad-Pierrot (Umojar)
• F/F Tickling!
• Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

Mature Readers Only 18+
Product and Ordering Information
(Now Accepting PayPal)


Mature Content


Mature Content


Mature Content


Mature Content

Tifa caught in a tickle trap
Another commission down featuring The most popular lady of Final Fantasy caught in a complicated situation. Hope you guys like. More to come.
Kokonoe's little admirer
Commission from :iconmetallinkblade: featuring Kokonoe from the Blazblue videogame series. Guilty Gear was as deep as I can get into the anime fighters and I never cared for this one, but I was happy i got an opportunity to draw someone from the series. Hope you guys like. More to come.
Cornelia wickedly tickles Taranee (W.I.T.C.H.)
Another commission down featuring another set of the W.I.T.C.H girls having a tickle fight with one clear winner. Don't know much about this show unfortunately. Commission by :iconsamuraishinai: Hope you guys like it. Much more to come. 
Hitomi's ticklish training
Another commission down from an anonymous user featuring Hitomi from the DOA series in one of her alternate outfits. I used to play DOA3 on my Xbox all the time. In spite of the obvious fan service, I always felt like it was a pretty solid game and it's a shame that it get dismissed so easily. Anyhow, enjoy people. More to come. 
Poke girls pokeball tickles
Yet another commission down from :icontheone832: featuring many of the main female protagonists of the ever popular pokemon series. Haven't gotten to play the new pokemon series yet but once i have the time I plan on ripping open my pokemon sun and getting going. Are you guys liking it so far?
D. Va's Tickle Bug Experiment
So after a long hiatus, I'm here to share all my commissions I've completed recently starting with this one! This commission by :iconsirvex: features D.Va of Overwatch(my favorite game) being attacked by some robo-tickle bugs! Hope you guys like. A lot of stuff in the works and more to come!
Shake ROFL and Roll
A really old sketch I did of the rolls being tickled. Just another one that didn't quite fit into my schedule. More to come! Those interested in commissions note me.
So I finally hit 2 million views. It kind of snuck up on me so I wasn't prepared. Something will definitely be in the works though. I appreciate all the views and the people that enjoy my work. 

As for Pokemon, for those interested I've reposted the comic I did as a commission in its entirety on tumblr! It can be found here:…

I will make an effort to keep it updated so please follow if you can! More in the works, so stay tuned!
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